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There are a few things that can be going on to make the pump noisy.

  1. Unplug the pump and run some water through it to make sure there is no debris stuck in the motor.
  2. If your tower has been set up for a few weeks you will need to remove the green bubbler, it has restricted the water flow and can make the pump run loud.
  3. The pump might have come loose. Make sure the suction cup feet are still securely attached to the bottom of the pail.

Algae in your tower will not harm your plants or affect the harvest.

You need to check your PH and make sure it is between 5-6. That will help reduce it, but it is perfect.

Roots are always going to be seeking water. When you see the roots hanging below the tower you will need to trim them, it will promote healthy growth and keep your pump clean.

Your seedling needs to have a thick root base in the root plug before you transplant them into the tower. Transplanting into the tower too soon will cause spindly plants.

Your water might look a little murky if you set up your tower and did not wash the clay pebbles well. You will need to change out your water if it does not clear up. When you change out your water let a pail of water sit overnight to let the chlorine dissipate.

The pump on the exotower runs 24/7. You can choose to use a timer if you wish, but it will need to be purchased separately, and set up on your own time schedule.

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