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the exotower

The exotower is a modular, hydroponic system that can grow up to 28 plants, veggies, leafy greens, herbs, micro greens, and flowers in less than two square feet.

The exotower is a modular, hydroponic system that can grow up to 28 plants, veggies, leafy greens, herbs, micro greens, and flowers in less than two square feet.

Made from food grade plastic

No gardening experience necessary

Uses less water than traditional gardening

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No matter if you are brand new to growing your own plants at home, or a seasoned expert, exotower is a perfect choice! Our modular, vertical design requires minimal space in your home and can be expanded as your needs grow. Make sure to check out our additional grow blocks and other helpful accessories!

Grow a Garden Anywhere

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or high-rise, the exotower provides a soil-free solution to home gardening, indoors or outdoors. Enjoy the literal fruits of your labor without getting your hands dirty. This self-watering, home hydroponic system makes it easy for anyone to harvest fresh farm quality produce from the comfort of whatever place you call home.



Hello my fellow EXO growers and welcome to the monthly “what to grow?” blog! This month’s segment is on September! As we are slowly switching seasons between summer and fall this creates warm days and cooler nights due to us losing a little bit of

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Mastering August Heat: Top Plants to Thrive in Your EXO Tower!

Hello my fellow EXO growers and welcome to our monthly “What to Grow” blog! This is where we will tell you what grows best in the EXO tower for each month. So let’s get started for the month of August. We all know how hot the month of August can be, but do you know what plants are best to grow in this scorching heat? Well you’re in luck because the expert growers at EXO are here to help! The best veggies to grow are okra, zucchini, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, bell peppers, and cucumbers. And the best herbs to grow are basil, parsley, cilantro, sage, and chives. All of these plants can withstand high heat up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Be a drop in the wave of change.

Born from a love of plants and a passion for people, the exotower was created to share the benefits of growing your own food from home, no matter what color your thumbs are. Exotower’s home hydroponics system reuses water to prevent run off to the environment — saving the Earth and your bank account.


With exotowers, all varieties of peppers are available to you all year round.

Super Greens

The exotower make it easy to grow kale, bok choy, collards, spinach and other nutrient rich greens full of anti-oxidants; great for salads, juicing, and vegan diets.


Sweet and satisfying, strawberries of any kind are pretty much irresistible. Exotower strawberries are doubly so.


A favorite herb of beginner and experienced gardeners alike, basil is easy to grow and useful in the kitchen. Basil grows well indoors and out.


Among the most cost-effective crops you can grow, lettuce flourishes in the exotower. It grows quickly too! Exotower lettuce is often ready for harvest in as little as three weeks!


If you’re looking for an easy way to grow eggplant, look no further. From the tiny thai to big barbarella, you can grow your favorite eggplant varieties with the exotower.


Nothing says Summer like a cucumber! And since consistent watering isn’t a problem, exotower cukes will be some of the best you’ve ever tasted.


Coleus explode in EXO. Nasturtiums and purslane provide colorful and edible blooms.

Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Our vertical, hydroponic tower allows you to grow your own plants in clean, nourishing water indoors or out. Grow your own herbs, flowers, and veggies with exotower. Each model takes up less than two square feet. Put it anywhere in your home, on your patio or by your pool and watch your plants grow while you listen to the soothing sound of babbling water.
What you grow on your exotower is only limited by your imagination.
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