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Mastering August Heat: Top Plants to Thrive in Your EXO Tower!

Hello my fellow EXO growers and welcome to our monthly “What to Grow” blog! This is where we will tell you what grows best in the EXO tower for each month. So let’s get started for the month of August. We all know how hot the month of August can be, but do you know what plants are best to grow in this scorching heat? Well you’re in luck because the expert growers at EXO are here to help! The best veggies to grow are okra, zucchini, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, bell peppers, and cucumbers. And the best herbs to grow are basil, parsley, cilantro, sage, and chives. All of these plants can withstand high heat up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

A common “issue” that you will see if you are growing in a hot area is wilting, this isn’t a bad thing if it is for short periods of time. Your plants wilt because the amount of moisture evaporating from its leaves is greater than the amount of water the roots can supply to the plant which is why it shrivels up. If the plant wilts during the day and pops back up at night then it’s totally fine! If your plants are still wilted by the morning you might want to move your tower to a shady area or inside. A little tip for you if you are seeing your plants wilt, grab a hose or spray bottle and mist the plants on your tower with some cool water. This will help cool them down and bring the plant back. For any questions or concerns contact Have a great day and happy growing!

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